Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ocracoke Island trip 2009

Justin Dixons family travel with family and friends every year to Ocracoke Island, NC. Ocracoke is one of the Islands in the Outer Banks, NC. They were so lovely to allow
the Bergers to tag along on this wonderful tradition. Fun was had by all, in fact, as I write this
the rest of them are still there, and Bill and I are back to work :(
I have put in lots and lots of pictures, so please enjoy!!

Starting out in the caravan, last minute shopping!
Part of the caravan. Bill watching over the vehicles!!

Vicky, Kyle and Francis - excited to get started on vacation!!

Ocracoke Island trip 2009

Thirsty travelers waiting for their drink!!
Frank trying to figure out how he can get into some trouble :)

Michelle loving her dog!

Ken Dixon pouring our drinks!

Ocracoke Island, 2009

Dixon (Justins family) tradition is when they all get on the ferry, everyone has a beer to celebrate vacation for that year. It was so much fun. Great group of people.
On the Ferry going over to Ocracoke, with the group!!

Caitlyn and Bill, chillin on the pier having coffee.

Caitlyn and Justin

Ocracoke Island trip 2009

Some of the crazy group eating appetizers after a day at the beach.
The pier off the back patio. It was a rainy day and we all did our own thing that day. Caitlyn and I shoppped, and went out to lunch. Bill and the guys went deep sea fishing, see the fish below.

The boys caught fish, Bill caught his first flounder!!

Justin caught a bluefish.

Ocracoke Island, NC Trip-2009

Liz making Bloody Marys with Justin
Bill supervising the group.

More Fun!!!

Fun in the bay off the dock of the house.

Ocracoke Island, Cont. 2009

The Love Birds

Making camp on the beach for the day.
Having fun in the bay outside the house.

The dogs on the Ferry

Trip to Ocracoke Island, NC - 2009

Huge bridge taking us to another island.
The Bergers big ol' Fifth wheel on the Ferry

Going over one of the many bridges in the Outer Banks